Career and Internship Expo

Students look for work, companies search for talent

By Maya Smith

Many University of Memphis students made their way to the UC yesterday for the 2015 Career and Internship Expo hosted by Career Services.

The event was designed for companies to recruit qualified students, while allowing students to network and secure future professional positions.

“Even if students don’t find a specific job or internship at the expo, they will still have the opportunity to put their name out there and build relationships that might be beneficial in the future,” said Tola Jenkins, coordinator of Academic Experiences/Learning Internships for students at the university.

Approximately 80 companies, varying from McDonald’s to the United States Peace Corps, had recruiters present at the Expo.

While many companies were looking for a very specific resume and skillset, the Peace Corps was willing to recruit any student exhibiting leadership capabilities.

“I am looking for any student who can step up,” said Stephanie Wade, recruiter for the Peace Corps. “We offer international internships; the only requirements are a bachelor’s degree and some relevant work experience.”

Wade said over the course of the day about 20 students showed interest in the Peace Corps. She was hoping for more but was excited about the potential of those 20 students.

Most students at the expo were near the end of their college career, if not already graduated, but there were specks of lowerclassmen in the mix as well.

“I want to start early and this is a great way to do that,” said freshman Karishma Arja, an electrical and computer major. “I’m not really sure what kind of internship I’m looking for but I was able to meet people from MLGW and that seemed promising.”

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