Resume and cover letter workshop

Students help students with cover letters and resumes

Graduate students Lauren Turner and Kate Friedel of Meeman 901 Strategies spoke to journalism students about how to create a strong resume and cover letter on Wednesday, March 25.

Turner and Friedel stressed the importance of well-written resumes and cover letters when applying for jobs and internships.

They believe that a good cover letter should company a good resume. Cover letters are written to the specific person that one is applying to work for and should be tailored to that job.

“Creating a resume can be daunting, but there are a few rules of thumb to follow,” Friedel said.

She encouraged students to make resumes that are concise and limited to one page, and mostly importantly readable.

“If they can’t read it, they’re going to take one look at it and throw it in the trash,” Turner said.

Turner agreed with Friedel on the importance of a visually appealing resume that is easy on the eyes. Turner also stressed that fluff, clutter, exaggeration and old information are all resume faux pas and should be avoided.

Barring any unnecessary information, Friedel explained that there are five elements that should be included on every resume: contact information, education, experience, skills, and accomplishments.

Of these, Turner and Friedel both agreed that highlighting your skills and experience are the most important.

“People want to know what makes you special. If you can make a banging PowerPoint, then don’t be afraid to put that on your resume,” Turner said.

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