“Unfriended” movie review

“Unfriended” is gruesome, eerie and just plain spooky.

Producer Jason Blum, known for using found-footage in his highly-profitable “Paranormal Activity” movies, pushes the envelope again with this cyber-cinematic horror film.

The film starts slowly, showing the audience only what a teenage girl can see on her mundane laptop screen.

There are mixed emotions from audience members as the movie picks up and they discover that the entire 82-minute film will take place on the MacBook screen of teenager Blaire, played by Shelley Henning.

The unconventional “set” of “Unfriended” is simple yet it is such a commonplace for most audience members that its relatability in itself is horrifying.

The mundanity subsides and the plot thickens when Blaire and her boyfriend, Mitch, played by Moses Storm add three of their friends, played by actors Jacob Wysocki, Will Peltz and actress Renee Olstead to their Skype call. In doing this, they unintentionally add a fourth, an unwelcomed spirit from their past that will flip their Saturday night upside down.

No ghost or goblin takes physical form in this film; instead the five teenagers are haunted by the internet presence of a dead classmate who was a victim of their cyber-bullying.

The ghost of Laura Barns, played by Heather Sossaman, seeks revenge on the teens. As they desperately try to get rid of the ghost, she only becomes angrier.

The ghost uses the divide and conquer method as she dupes the teens into playing twisted mind games with each other, causing chaos. Hairs on the back of the audience’s neck will rise as they watch the ghost take nightmarish revenge on the teenagers one by one.

Beyond the screams and the blood, the underlying premise of this entertaining horror film discourages cyber-bully. Though only showing exaggerated, supernatural consequences of cyber-bullying, “Unfriended” suggests that cyber-bulling can lead to real devastation and even real death.

“Unfriended” will send a chill up spines causing computer screens to never be looked at the same again.

One might even be frightened enough to think twice before partaking in cyber-bullying.

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