Aroma RockIt

Aroma RockIts use fragrance to rock the senses

It’s Monday morning. Jenny Thomas, a student at the University of Memphis, is tired, cranky and out of coffee. She needs a pick-me-up, so she reaches in her purse to find her BrainCandy, an on-the-go aromatherapy elixir.


She untwists the orange cap and takes a whiff.

Thomas purchased it from a local gas station a month ago.

“I was told it was legal, all-natural, and safe,” Thomas said. “I’ve been looking for drugs…legal drugs to help me get through the day. These definitely do that.”

BrainCandy comes in a Chapstick sized tube and is one of the five Aroma RockIt aromatherapy blends produced by the local company, Scentral Blends. The blends are based on the belief that fragrances can alter mood.

Each blend is a combination of essential oils, formulated without any additives, carrier oils, or artificial fragrances. Like nasal spray, these blends are meant to be injected into the nose.


Each of the five blends is a mixture of specific essential oils.

There are four other types of Aroma RockIts, including Chillout, HeadRest, InYourDreams and NightShift. Each of the blends is intended for different uses. The most popular, BrainCandy, comprised of essential oils from orange, rosemary, lemon and peppermint, is intended to maximize focus and increase productivity.

The Aroma RockIt products are currently being sold at 10 local Memphis businesses and one business in Florida.


Kelly often sets up shop at local parks to sell her products.

Ashley Dunn, owner of a local natural food store, has sold Aroma RockIt products in her store for six months and has noticed customers’ increasing interest in the products. The store, Cosmic Coconut, has sold over 500 Aroma RockIt tubes since May.

“I like them and support them because they’re natural,” Dunn said. “Anything that is natural maximizes the health benefits and minimizes the damage to the environment.”

Aroma RockIt was created by Memphis resident Dotty Kelley. Kelly, also founder of Scentral Blends, has always loved to go the natural route.

A registered nurse and long-time practitioner of traditional medicine, Kelley says she finds comfort in the medicinal value of nature.

“I’ve had a fascination with the healing power of plants since childhood,” Kelley said. “I used to sniff different plants then wait to see what would happen to me.”

As an adult, Kelley turned to plants for help after a painful season of dealing with sinus problems. She experimented with various natural ingredients and found relief in the soothing ability of peppermint and lavender oils.

She then discovered that mixing different oils together gave her more relief than her prescribed antibiotics and steroids. Kelley said she was inspired to create a similar product for all her friends and family.

“As a Registered Nurse I enjoy helping others in their journey to restore their health,” Kelley said. “Introducing people to aromatherapy has become one of my favorite ways to do that.”

Aromatherapy falls under the broader umbrella of homeopathic medicine. Invented in Germany, homeopathic medicine continues to be a widely respected form of medicine in Europe and in parts of the U.S.

Sales of natural health remedies are on the rise due to increasing cost of healthcare, according to the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacist. In 2013, retail sales for natural products amounted to $6.4 billion, and have been steadily increasing since.

Because of this growing demand, Kelley plans to increase the number of stores at which her products are sold. She hopes to have her products sold at Whole Foods by the end of 2016.

In addition, Kelley plans to expand her Aroma RockIt product line to include holiday blends. She has spent the past 7 weeks in her lab experimenting with different combinations of essential oils for the blends.

Kelley said she anticipates that one day she will open up her own store selling Aroma RockIt and similar homeopathic items.

“Soon I will retire from nursing, and do the alternative medicine thing full time,” Kelley said.





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